Our Consultants

Koichi Yoshimura

Senior Consultant

Koichi helps clients develop their next-generation senior leaders and navigate the complexities of organizational change.

With a keen focus on business development, Koichi Yoshimura channels his proficiency in the art of facilitation to supporting projects for leading manufacturers, insurance companies, system integration vendors and other clients.

Koichi started his career at Uchida Yoko, in the office-engineering department, where he was responsible for direct sales and marketing. He earned a series of promotions, rising to department head, president, and eventually chairman, where he concentrated on new business development and expanding services for established clients.

Next, Koichi brought his business development skills and his experience nurturing the careers of junior staff members to an outsourcing venture company. With additional experience at a market research consulting firm, he has been closely involved in all stages of development from work-environment studies to consulting, coordinating and delivery of training programs.

As a parallel and supplement to his business development work, Koichi established the Facilitators Association of Japan, an NPO that he directed until December 2004. He is a graduate of Meiji University.