Negotiation Skills Program

We use negotiation skills routinely when working with peers, management, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders inside and outside of the company. So, building strong negotiation skills can give you a competitive advantage for achieving your goals.

Program Summary

Learn win-win negotiation skills based on theories developed at Harvard University that will help you effectively achieve your business goals while building positive relationships with others.

Target Audience

Managers and employees who conduct formal and informal negotiations including contracting with clients and their procurement departments, resolving cross-functional conflict on project teams, working with suppliers and resolving other types of team conflict.

Program Outcomes

  • Stronger influencing skills.
  • Manage conflict effectively to create positive results for your business or your career.
  • Enhance your leadership capabilities.

Available formats

Can be conducted both in person and online

Learning Objectives

  • Understand some common negotiation approaches, including the essentials of “win-win” negotiation.
  • Learn and practice a proven process for achieving goals while maintaining or building trust with others.
  • Raise awareness of your own negotiation style and understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learn techniques for handling different negotiation situations.
  • Develop your own negotiation strategy through self-reflection and group work.

Classroom Training

Virtual Training


One 3-hour session and one 2.5-hour session

Learning Methods and Tools

The program centers on experiential learning and uses a wide variety of group exercises for applying and practicing skills including:

  • Online self-study
  • Individual reflection
  • Pair, small-group and classroom discussion using breakout rooms
  • Role plays and real plays
  • Personal action planning

Pre-program work

Pre-session work
Self-paced online study

  • Introduction to win-win negotiations
  • Negotiation experience questionnaire
  • 2 Types of negotiation – zero-sum & win-win
  • What is win-win negotiation?
  • Preparation stage
  • Implementation Stage
  • Agreement Stage
    • -Includes quizzes to check understanding
    • -Includes placeholder for client case study (or PFC case study)
Session 1

Review and Preparation

  • Introductions
  • Icebreaker game – experience win-win through XY game
  • Review ‘What is negotiation?’
  • Review negotiation steps
  • Small group discussion and preparation for 'preparation' phase
  • Small group discussion and preparation for 'implementation' phase
  • Review 'agreement' phase
  • Fishbowl practice for roleplay with feedback
Session 2

Practice and Feedback

  • Small group preparation for case studies
  • Roleplay practice rounds
  • Large group volunteer practice
  • Tips & hints
  • Key Learnings


Two days

Learning methods and tools

The program centers on experiential learning and uses a wide variety of group exercises for applying and practicing skills including:

  • Exercises and discussions to reflect on one's own thinking and behavior
  • Pair, small-group and classroom discussion
  • Role play with cases
  • Personal action planning
Day 1
  • Features of Win-Win Negotiation
  • Three Processes of Win-Win Negotiation (Preparation, Implementation, Agreement)
  • Thomas Kilman's mode of dealing with conflict
  • Exercise: Thinking through your own negotiation case
Day 2
  • Active listening skills
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Exercise: Practicing Thomas Skillman's Conflict Modes and Communication Skills
  • Dealing with difficult counterparties