Virtual Training

Engaging virtual training programs for meaningful impact.

Special Online-Only Content

Since hybrid workstyles are now the norm, we incorporate content, activities and case studies specific to remote work environments.

Flexible, Bite-Sized Delivery

We make training more effective by interspersing short, interactive training sessions with on-the-job practice. This builds real-world capabilities and helps drive lasting behavior change.

Efficient Learning Design

We use self-paced microlearning before and between live sessions to give you the input needed upfront so you can focus on building valuable connections, making meaningful conversations and practicing skill-building while together.


Similar to classroom training, we focus on group dialogue and engaging shared experiences that foster fresh insights and inspire real-world behavior change.

Creative Use of Technology

We use collaboration tools and techniques that encourage active and equal participation that could otherwise be hindered by hierarchical relationships during in-person classroom training.

Compatible With Your Technology

We deliver training using platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WebEx. And we can deliver on our technology or yours.

Our Virtual Training Programs