Assessing and Developing Talent with People Focus Consulting

We design and run assessment and development centers that help you select the right people and individualize their develop plans.

Selecting and Developing the Right People in the Right Way

We believe that building leadership requires a strategic approach. Whether it is selecting the best person for a leadership role or identifying the development needs of high-potential employees, we offer customized development and assessment centers that can be delivered in-person or online, and in multiple languages.

Our Approach

Just as each candidate has unique strengths and development areas, we believe in providing tailored solutions rather than off-the-shelf packages. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and leverage our expertise to customize the solutions accordingly.

Client Success Story


Aiphone, a Japan-based manufacturer of entry security systems and intercom products, wanted to conduct an assessment center for country managers in its overseas subsidiaries. The objective was to improve the selection process for leadership candidates abroad and provide individual development and support for the participants.


In partnership with Aiphone, we designed an assessment center that:
  • Was fully online to eliminate the costs and logistical challenges associated with flying participants to Japan.
  • Catered to participants in different languages (Chinese, Japanese, and English) to ensure equal opportunities for all.
  • Offered flexible scheduling options to accommodate candidates' availability.
  • Incorporated a global perspective, including roleplays involving individuals from diverse nationalities.
  • Allowed the Head Office human resources team to directly observe interactions, enabling a comprehensive assessment beyond mere reports.


Aiphone’s HR team expressed great satisfaction with both the process and outcomes of the assessment center. They gained valuable insights into the participants' performance in various scenarios, identifying the strengths and areas for improvement of each individual Country Manager. Moreover, senior management at the Head Office obtained strategic insights based on the actual outputs of the exercises.