We strive to make our world more peaceful and sustainable by enabling all people to realize their potential in their organizations and in their communities


Making an impact through our daily work

We live our commitment to sustainability through the services we provide for our clients: activities to spread facilitation, organizational development, globalization support.

Reaching people that our work does not impact directly

For the organizations and people that we can’t reach directly, we dedicate 1% of our revenue to charitable contributions and pro-bono work.

Taking personal responsibility

Each of us at PFC takes personal ownership to understand, think, communicate, and act in a way that promotes a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Conducting our business responsibly

In order to fulfill our social responsibilities, we will always adhere to and act in accordance with the following: - Maintaining transparency within the company - Maintaining a working environment where employees can work comfortably and giving appropriate consideration to childcare and nursing care workers - Fair transactions based on high ethical standards.