Leadership Discovery Program

Self-awareness is a necessary characteristic of effective, authentic leaders. Knowing who we are as leaders helps us not only bring our whole selves to work, but also allows us to capitalize on our strengths, accept and improve our weaknesses, and, ultimately, achieve greater results for ourselves and others.

Program Summary

Discover your authentic leadership style, your strengths, sources of power and development areas through a combination of surveys, deep introspection and exploration as well as skill-building activities that help you connect with and inspire yourself and your followers.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to develop or re-examine their authentic leadership skills or leadership style
  • Anyone who wants to grow their influence on others and their organization as a whole

Available formats

Can be conducted both in person and online

Learning Objectives

  • Rediscover your personal goals and aspirations
  • Experience the three main elements of effective teamwork
  • Understand your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Inspire others through storytelling
  • Develop a practical action plan to embody your own leadership style
  • Heighten your awareness of what you can do to energize your team

Classroom Training

Virtual Training

This program covers the same material as the in-person version.


Two days

Learning Methods and Tools

This program centers on experiential learning and uses a wide variety of group exercises for applying and practicing skills including:

  • 360-degree feedback survey
  • Psychometric assessment (such as LSI and DiSC)
  • Individual reflection
  • Pair, small group and classroom discussion
  • Role plays and real plays
  • Personal action planning

Pre-program work

360-degree feedback survey

Day 1
  • Experiential team-building activity
  • Elements of high-performance teams
  • Self-analysis 1: Self-analysis using psychometric tools (LSI or DiSC)
  • Defining leadership
  • Self-analysis 2: Self-analysis 360-degree feedback results
Day 2
  • Case Study: developing a perspective on embodying your own leadership style
  • Inspire others through storytelling
  • Peer coaching
  • Make a leadership commitment