Classroom Training

Engaging classroom training programs for meaningful impact

Proven, High-Impact Content

Our content combines proven, evidence-based theories, tools and assessments with PFC's extensive experience helping our clients achieve their business and people goals.

Memorable Learning Experiences

Emotions drive behavior change. We incorporate experiential learning, including games, dialogues, case studies, real-plays and other activities into full-on, memorable learning experiences.

Facilitative and Dialogue-Based

Our program design focuses on drawing out your insights, ideas, aspirations and motivation to inspire real-world behavior change.

Delivered by Experts

Our consultants are business professionals as well as professional facilitators. We create a safe environment for you to clarify learning goals, practice new skills, learn with peers, and reflect on how to apply learning to achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Support

We give personalized attention during training and use pre- and post-classroom activities to aid learning effectiveness, minimize the forgetting curve and make it easier to transfer learning to real-life work.

Tailored to Your Needs

Context matters. Whether you need to tailor a skills practice exercise or create a learning journey from scratch, we consult with you to ensure our programs address your most important needs and goals. Read more about our custom learning solutions here.

Our Classroom Training Programs