Purpose Leadership Skills Program

Can your team members clearly articulate the purpose of your business? Today, as companies are expected to deliver both social and economic value through their business, there is a growing focus on clarifying and embodying organizational purpose.

One implication for tomorrow’s leaders is that they will need to communicate their organization’s purpose clearly to employees. At the same time, leaders will also be expected to inspire high performance by helping employees pursue their own aspirations.

Program Summary

Learn how to use organizational and individual purpose to boost engagement and inspire high performance across the organization.

Target Audience

  • Rising executives who want to leverage personal and organization purposes to inspire great work performance
  • Next generation leaders who want to explore their own purpose and take on additional leadership roles within their division
  • Leaders who want to broaden their perspective and mindset as department leaders

Available formats

This program can be delivered in-person and online

Learning Objectives

  • Explore how you can apply your own leadership style in today's business environment
  • Rediscover your own personal purpose
  • Confirm or clarify your business' purpose (including its significance for society) and create a vision that supports it
  • Learn to build trusting relationships with diverse team members and stakeholders
  • Understand how to involve others in pursuing a purpose-driven vision
  • Develop an action plan for applying your purpose leadership on the job

Classroom Training

Virtual Training

This program covers the same material as the in-person version.


Two days

Learning methods and tools

The program centers on experiential learning and uses a wide variety of group exercises for applying and practicing skills including:

  • Exercises and discussions to reflect on one's own thinking and behavior
  • Pair, small-group and classroom discussion
  • Role play with situation case studies
  • Personal action planning

Pre-program work

  • Complete a 360-degree feedback survey
Day 1
  • Understand leadership role models for creating the future
  • Explore your purpose
    • Create a personal timeline and high point interview
    • Reflect on your authenticity and purpose using 360-degree feedback report
    • Examine your own purpose through giving yourself a fictitious new job title
  • Create a vision for your business
Day 2
  • Think about your business' purpose.
  • Formulate a vision that reflects your business and your own personal path
  • Deliver a vision speech
  • Learn and implement the skills of storytelling, active listening, and dialogue