Presentation Skills Program

Strong presentation skills are a core aspect of conducting business. From executive briefings to sales calls and team meetings, presenting information effectively is a daily part of work for just about all business professionals.

Program Summary

In this program, you will gain the skills to inform, persuade and motivate others with compelling speech and sound logic. You will also be able to recognize and improve your own strengths and weaknesses in presentation. This program also helps you develop presentations for virtual audiences.

Target Audience

  • People who make presentations on products and services to customers and internal stakeholders.
  • People make a presentations as part of their project or other team activities.
  • People who want to use presentations to persuade or motivate others.

Available formats

Can be conducted both in person and online

Learning Objectives

  • Handle the pressure of speaking before a group.
  • Learn the finer points of posture, movement, manner of speech, and overall behavior during a presentation.
  • Learn to create effective slides that reflect the key elements of the presentation and specifically address your audience.
  • Learn to use visual aids effectively and logically.
  • Learn to handle Q&A sessions effectively

Classroom Training

Virtual Training

This program covers the same material as the in-person version.


One day

Learning methods and tools

The program centers on experiential learning and uses a wide variety of group exercises for applying and practicing skills including:

  • Individual reflection
  • Pair, small group and classroom discussion
  • Rehearsal with video feedback
  • Personal action planning

Pre-program work

Be prepared to bring a past presentation or draft of an upcoming presentation to the workshops.

Day 1

Note: All our programs can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs.

  • Delivery skills
  • Design and develop effective presentation materials
  • Revise your prework materials
  • Practice delivering your presentation
  • Handle a Q&A session