People come first

We aspire to develop people who will help others to grow and succeed.

Our approach, our beliefs and our passions lie in the three words we call on to describe our business: people, focus and consulting. No doubt, our business is about people. We love to connect, collaborate and enjoy working together. We are professionals with a strong passion for guiding our clients to success. We offer proven approaches and solutions, but we also strive to be open, flexible and freethinking. We ask penetrating questions so that our clients can discover the most appropriate path for their success.

Collaboration leads to positive change

We collaborate with clients to help them create their own solutions for change and growth.

Our services include hands-on training and workshops that help teams to collaborate more effectively and facilitate organizational change. We use practical and concrete methodologies and customize our programs to address specific challenges. We begin each engagement by listening carefully to our clients’ organizational issues and goals. We spend time getting to know their people, from leaders to front-line contributors, to develop acutely relevant programs that are custom-tailored to an organization’s unique and specific needs.

Facilitation is the key to development and success

We believe that change is sustainable only when it comes from within and the catalyst is most often a facilitative approach.

For more than two decades, PFC has been working closely with clients to answer their call for positive change in the workplace. In Japan we pioneered “facilitation” as a practical corporate training method for revitalizing organizations and promoting innovative change. From the start, we have been dedicated to perfecting facilitative methods of training and organizational development.