In today’s world of work, it’s too easy to forget that Human Resource are actually Human People. My life purpose is to make well-being at work a globally-accepted, basic human right. And this podcast helps by giving you fresh perspectives and actionable ideas for making working with other humans better for everyone.

  • Podcast2023.09.11

    Episode 102: Coaching That Really Works

    Despite hefty investments in coaching training, employee disengagement remains high. This episode tackles the need for practical, effective coaching for managers, offering insights to truly engage and empower teams.

  • Podcast2023.08.28

    Episode 101: Highlights from the First 100 Episodes

    Eight standout clips from the first 100 episodes of Humans At Work. Explore workplace wellbeing, handling pressure, mental health, success strategies, mentorship, and more.

  • Podcast2023.08.14

    Episode 100: Crisis Leadership and the Art of Being Flexible

    Explore leadership resilience, inclusivity, and creativity with James Burstall, CEO of Argonon. Learn about embracing diversity in the creative sector, managing mental health, and navigating unexpected challenges.

  • Podcast2023.07.31

    Episode 99: Purpose and Workplace Wellbeing

    Discover the power of purpose in work performance and well-being. Explore how cultivating a clearer sense of purpose strengthens intrinsic motivation and fosters organizational success. Also, learn how to avoid and tackle burnout in the workplace.

  • Podcast2023.07.18

    Episode 98: Power and Inclusive Workplaces

    Are you curious about how power dynamics can shape a more inclusive and welcoming environment at work? This episode navigates the complex relationship between power, inclusiveness, and creating a sense of belonging.

  • Podcast2023.07.03

    Episode 97: Workplace Equity

    DEI conversations are on the rise, but the discomfort discussing race persists. Meanwhile people striving for workplace equity face persistent challenges. Explore the path to a more equitable workplace with Jenny Garrett OBE.

  • Podcast2023.06.19

    Episode 96: Decoding and Dealing with Toxic Behaviors

    Why do toxic behaviors persist in workplaces despite efforts for a healthier work culture? Find out how to discern healthy behaviors from toxic ones and learn what you can do to cope successfully with toxic relationships and environments.

  • Podcast2023.06.05

    Episode 95: Benefits and Realities of Employee-Owned Businesses

    Discover the power of employee-ownership as we explore how worker cooperatives are shaping the future of work and providing innovative solutions for customers and meaningful work, autonomy, and a voice in the workplace for workers.

  • Podcast2023.05.22

    Episode 94: Fostering Wellbeing in Hybrid Work

    In a world of hybrid work, it is essential for businesses to humanize their approach and to trust employees to manage their own work well. With disparate team members working across various locations, it is challenging for people to stay motivated and connected. How can we address this?

  • Podcast2023.05.08

    Episode 93: Unleashing Our Superhuman Potential

    How can you achieve more with the capabilities you already have? Learn how to balance high performance and well-being with practical advice for tapping into three sources of inner power: potential, mindset, and physiology.