In today’s world of work, it’s too easy to forget that Human Resource are actually Human People. My life purpose is to make well-being at work a globally-accepted, basic human right. And this podcast helps by giving you fresh perspectives and actionable ideas for making working with other humans better for everyone.

  • Podcast2023.03.27

    Episode 90: Better Problem Solving (Rebroadcast)

    Dive deep into research-backed process and techniques that help businesspeople and their teams navigate and solve problems better and faster.

  • Podcast2023.03.13

    Episode 89: Workplace Bullying (Rebroadcast)

    Explore how to combat bullies and what can be done to drive bullying behavior out of the workplace.

  • Podcast2023.02.27

    Episode 88: Pro Advice on Giving Virtual Presentations

    Learn from award-winning communication coach Jack Milner as he shares practical tips for giving great virtual presentations and workshops based on his book, Virtual Presentation Mastery.

  • Podcast2023.02.13

    Episode 87: A Conversation with Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert Lefkowitz

    This episode delves into the power of storytelling, building a legacy based on mentorship, overcoming harsh criticism, and using personal values at work.

  • Podcast2023.01.30

    Episode 86: The Future of Workplace Design

    In-depth discussion of the future of the post-pandemic workplace and how to entice employees back to the office through the concepts of "unworking" and participatory design.

  • Podcast2023.01.16

    Episode 85: Creating Extraordinary Experiences

    Dr. Paul Zak discusses how businesses can use neuroscience create extraordinary experiences for customers, employees and learners.

  • Podcast2023.01.02

    Episode 84: Using Humor At Work

    Learn how you can humor can boost your career and improve relationships, trust and team performance.

  • Podcast2022.12.19

    Episode 83: Rediscovering Creativity

    Explores proven creativity strategies and techniques with an expert who helped drive innovation at organizations such as Microsoft, Disney and NASA.

  • Podcast2022.12.05

    Episode 82: High Performance In Tough Times

    Find out how to keep teams happy, motivated and performing well, especially in tough times. Pick up tips for motivating and leading teams with compassion.

  • Podcast2022.11.21

    Episode 81: Negotiate Like a Pro

    Listen to a world-renowned negotiator share techniques and tactics to help you successfully negotiate.