In today’s world of work, it’s too easy to forget that Human Resource are actually Human People. My life purpose is to make well-being at work a globally-accepted, basic human right. And this podcast helps by giving you fresh perspectives and actionable ideas for making working with other humans better for everyone.

  • Podcast2024.03.04

    Episode 114: Improv for Wellbeing

    Can improv help us unlock workplace success? In this episode, we explore the positive impact of improvisation on well-being, communication, and the nuances of our daily interactions. Patricia Ryan Madson, Stanford University Emerita and author of “Improv Wisdom,” provides insights on how improv maxims can enhance the way we connect, create, and engage at work – and in life.

  • Podcast2024.02.19

    Episode 113: Reverse Mentoring

    Ever wondered what happens when we flip traditional corporate hierarchies, allowing the young to mentor the old? This episode zeroes in on reverse mentoring, showcasing its power to drive innovation and foster understanding across generations. Patrice Gordon, a pioneer at Virgin Atlantic and author, shares insights and actionable advice for setting up and running reserve mentoring programs.

  • Podcast2024.02.05

    Episode 112: Empowerment After 50

    Facing gender bias is tough. Add ageism to the mix, and the workplace becomes a whole different challenge. This episode examines the landscape for women over 50 in the workplace, spotlighted through Dr. Lucy Ryan's insights from her book, "Revolting Women." Addressing the dual hurdles of ageism and gender bias, Dr. Ryan explains how societal expectations shape professional experiences. She shares compelling stories about navigating menopause and caregiving, alongside strategies for midlife women. The discussion includes advice for employers, such as having midlife check-ins, to create a more inclusive and equitable environment.

  • Podcast2024.01.22

    Episode 111: Are You Leading With Your Right Brain?

    Do you excel in analytical, strategic and goal-oriented tasks yet often get bogged down in thinking through how to unstick yourself from complicated situations or challenges? This episode focuses on how tapping into the power of your right brain can help you move forward through seemingly intractable challenges.

  • Podcast2024.01.01

    Episode 110: A Conversation with Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert Lefkowitz (Rebroadcast)

    An inspiring episode from a Nobel Prize-winning chemist and his unique perspective about the value of storytelling, the impact of mentorship on career success, and the resilience needed to overcome criticism and setbacks.

  • Podcast2023.12.18

    Episode 109: Coaching That Really Works (Rebroadcast)

    Rebroadcast of a popular episode for managers who want to coach their team members effectively, without being or acting like professional coaches. You’ll hear insights and practical tools that help leaders use coaching techniques and strategies to engage and empower their teams.

  • Podcast2023.12.04

    Episode 108: Tech-Driven Human Work Experience

    How is the intersection of technology and human experience reshaping our workplaces? In this episode, we delve into the dynamic evolution of work environments, where technology and human-centric practices are becoming increasingly intertwined. You’ll hear about leveraging technology to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces, simplifying work processes through AI, and shifting the focus from productivity to impact.

  • Podcast2023.11.20

    Episode 107: The Art of Spontaneous Communication

    We've all been there: put on the spot during a meeting and found ourselves tongue-tied. In this episode, we tackle the challenge of spontaneous communication head-on. Matt Abrahams, Lecturer at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and the host of chart-topping “Think Fast, Talk Smart,” podcast, shares his insights into preparing for those unscripted moments, managing speaking anxiety, and mastering the mindset shifts critical for effective communication. We'll cover practical strategies for nailing Q&A sessions and confidently handling challenging conversations.

  • Podcast2023.11.06

    Episode 106: Transforming Work Through Creativity

    Have you hit a creative roadblock at work? You’re not alone. In this episode, we explore how creativity becomes the cornerstone for innovation, helping businesses to thrive amidst rapidly changing trends and disruptions. It’s not about wild ideas. It’s about building an environment where creativity thrives at every desk.

  • Podcast2023.10.23

    Episode 105: Meaningful Career Conversations

    Looking to improve the quality of your career conversations at work? This episode dives into practical topics like the role of managers in employee development, common challenges like fear of feedback, and actionable insights to overcome challenges that often come up.