Our Consultants

Junichi Taoka

Professional Associate

Junichi helps clients boost their people skills, and his coaching focuses on helping luxury, retail and sales leaders improve their leadership effectiveness.

Customer satisfaction is priority one in the fast food business, and so it has naturally been a core focus for Junichi Taoka throughout his career.
After joining the sales department of McDonald’s Japan, Junichi helped to enhance both customer and employee satisfaction through the planning and execution of corporate initiatives such as the “Total Customer Service” project. For the fast-food giant he took on a series of influential training roles, severing as professor, vice-president and head of training development at the company’s Hamburger University.

He also played a pivotal role as McDonald’s Japanese representative on a team leading global change projects for employee training. Applying his skills as a certified Master Trainer, he produced and introduced several development programs for internal trainers.

Junichi has also worked as a senior advisor at Human Capital Lab, and in 2006, he founded his own company, Jayship, with a mission to support HR development. As a consultant he shares his insights on customer satisfaction and creates training and internal development programs for a wide range of top-tier businesses, including retailers, restaurant chains and electronics manufacturers.

Today, customer satisfaction continues to inform his work as a consultant for PFC, facilitating HR development and communication skills training, specifically for our Facilitation Skills and Presentation Skills programs.