Our Consultants

Takashi Orihara

Professional Associate

Takashi helps clients ensure their leadership, diversity and career development initiatives are successful.

From education to career and beyond, Takashi Orihara is well positioned to ensure that growth and vision are at the heart of an individual’s personal development. Through his work at PFC, he helps corporations manage their organizational development projects and conducts a wide range of executive coaching sessions and training programs.

Previously, as a senior coach and counselor for The Princeton Review of Japan, he helped numerous corporate MBA candidates get accepted to overseas and executive MBA programs at prestigious universities, including Harvard, Stanford and MIT.

Takashi has guided trainees through the process of self-assessment, career goal setting and creation of action plans. His expertise includes skill training, knowledge acquisition and behavior modification. He has more than 10 years of counseling, coaching and facilitation experience, and generally conducts about 1,000 sessions per year.

He has completed the Advanced Coaching Training Program at the Japan branch of Coaches Training Institute, the world’s largest in-person coach training program. He is also a certified Career Development Advisor, a Career Consultant and Certified Industrial Counselor (Sangyo-Counselor) and a certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming Master Practitioner.