Episode 102: Coaching That Really Works

With employee disengagement at alarming levels despite significant investments in training leaders in coaching skills, there's a pressing need to reevaluate and get practical about making coaching truly effective for people in managerial roles. This episode zeroes in on how to address this gap, introducing insights and tools for leaders to genuinely engage and empower their teams.

Dominic Ashley-Timms, CEO of Notion, has firsthand experience across 37 countries, providing a fresh and nuanced perspective on leadership, culture, and organizational transformation. Having co-authored "The Answer Is a Question", Dominic brings an innovative approach to everyday coaching, rooted in the STAR® model he co-created.

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Episode Highlights

  • The vital role of questions and their effectiveness.
  • Crafting questions that stimulate constructive thought processes.
  • Advanced questioning techniques for seasoned managers.
  • External cues (also called triggers) and their role in influencing behavioral shifts.
  • Molding triggers to fit seamlessly into a manager’s coaching approach.
  • Pinpointing moments ripe for coaching interventions.
  • Addressing the knowledge gap in framing effective questions.
  • The strategy behind intentional questioning.
  • Exploring question facets: their classification, delivery, and timing.
  • Varied question styles for clarity, comparison, and an outward focus.
  • Emphasizing the need for pause, reflection, and then ask the right question.

Michael Glazer is the creator and host of Humans At Work. His purpose in life is to make well-being at work a globally-accepted, basic human right. Learn more about Michael here.