Episode 88: Pro Advice on Giving Virtual Presentations

How can you take your virtual presentation game to the next level? In this episode, Jack Milner, a communication coach who has trained best-selling professional speakers and Fortune 500 leaders, shares practical advice for giving great virtual presentations and workshops based on his new book Virtual Presentation Mastery: Tips from the coach to some of the world's best speakers.

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Episode Highlights


Going from being effective in person to being effective virtually


Adjusting our mindset to present in a virtual environment


How to convey your authenticity during virtual presentations


Using "PISA" to lay the foundation for a great virtual presentation


How to open virtual presentations and workshops


Techniques for keeping people engaged and motivated


Energizers you can use in your virtual meetings and presentations


Preventing and dealing with virtual presentation tech trouble

Jack’s view on the greatest unmet wellbeing need at work today

"it's human humor and laughter. And I was thinking about it actually, last night with my family, you know, we were just having dinner together and a lot of laughs. But, there have been times over the last couple of years where that hasn't been the case. And it was a really just good reminder that this is what life is about...

I think Tom Peters said [once asked], "if work isn't fun, then why are you doing it?" It should be fun. Or you should try and make it more fun. And you can work hard, you can achieve amazing things and enjoy it. You'll have fun at the same time. And laughter."

What “working with humans” means to Jack

“...I meet up with some friends twice a week for a run, and then we go for a coffee. And those two meetings are two of the most important parts of my, my week.

And we did that during COVID. And I think it was crucial, actually, to all of us. And we became really good friends through that. And that's a highlight. It's a real highlight of the week, and I'm lucky enough to have a lovely family and sitting with them last night having dinner and laughing.

[So,] it's finding more of those moments and realizing it's special.

There's a met a friend of mine who works for an insurance company. And he's the one person in the office who's never been fired. I thought [it's because he is] one of those people who comes into a room and everyone just feels happier. He says, "I'm not very good at my job." Clearly, [he] must be very good at something, and that something is really important.”


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