Episode 80: Building Success Through Nudges

When corporate objectives feel disconnected from daily working realities, we can lose focus and motivation which contributes why so few organizations report achieving all their strategic goals. But it doesn’t need to be this way. This episode explores how the combination of tech-driven nudges and focused coaching form the basis of good habits that can grow into organizational-level success.

Jeremy Campbell is the CEO of Black Isle Group and an executive coach and a leadership mentor at Henley Business School at the University of Reading.

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Episode Highlights


The value of nudges


Breaking down big goals into everyday actions


How to determine the appropriate level at which to nudge


Setting a time and intent for action increases your chances of doing it


Paring performance coaching with nudging


Coping with manager resistance to coaching


Unique benefits of combining coaching and nudging


Measuring activities and results.

Jeremy’s view on the greatest unmet wellbeing need at work today

"I think it's changed a lot from from the pandemic. And, I think the thing that we all we all miss is the connection piece is...I think that the connection of being in a physical building, actually speaking to people, and the ad hoc conversations, I think the whole dynamic.

I think I've been incredibly fortunate in my career to have had mentors and ad hoc mentors and mentorships...I think the ad hoc mentoring is the thing that's really missing. With remote working it's unlikely that I'm going to Zoom call somebody and say I've just had a really rubbish meeting with somebody. And I think that's [what I am calling] human connection."

What “working with humans” means to Jeremy

“It's connection. It's connecting to a to to a purpose...And the best businesses encourage their employees to want to buy into it, not because they've been told to buy into it. And then work becomes something different than just turning up doing a job. It's a part of a purpose, and I understand my role in that purpose. I think that's, that's what it means to me.”


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