Episode 62: Workplace Bullying

Women, as well as high performers in general, are often targeted by workplace bullies as threats, and then driven off their career paths, out of their jobs or out of their companies. This episode explores how to combat bullies and what can be done to drive bullying behavior out of the workplace.

Berta Aldrich, is an award-winning C-suite executive turned author, whose first book, Winning the Talent Shift: Three Steps to Unleashing the New High Performance Workplace, earned multiple top ratings by BookAuthority.

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Episode Highlights


Scope and other statistics on workplace bullying


Factors that hold back women and other high performance


Why having only one woman in the C-suite isn’t enough


Who are workplace bullies, and why do they bully?


How bullying impacts high performers


Bullying and being held back from your first promotion


Strategies and tactics bullies use to hold back high performers


Should you involve HR when you’re bullied at work?


How the bullying strategy of “dropping the seed” works


Removing bullying behaviors from the workplace


How to handle disingenuous feedback from a bully manager


The case for shifting work culture to weed out bullies

What Berta sees as the greatest unmet workplace wellbeing need

Removal of the bullies from the workplace.

What “working with humans” means to Berta

“When I think back to the high performance teams that I’ve had the honor of leading, or now helping other executives formulate their own high performance, it’s the joy that comes from that work. And that is what life and work-life should be about – joy.”

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