Client Success Stories

Facilitating Organizational Change at the Board and Leadership Team Level

One of Japan’s Top-Ranked Integrated Services Companies


Facing future uncertainty in a VUCA environment, our client’s most senior leaders recognized that fundamental organization change was a business imperative to ensure a healthy future for the company. Change required helping employees make the shift from an internal culture of inward, short-term thinking and a lack of independence to one where employees embody independent thinking and action.


PFC designed and facilitated strategy discussion and provided coaching for senior managers in order to develop a shared awareness of company challenges, align on a common direction for change and agree on a strategy and concrete plan for change. Once plans were set, we played an integral role throughout the implementation. As an external advisor and change champion to the client’s leaders change, we provided change management counsel as well as support for to help the leadership team members role model the target culture in order to positively influence the organization.


Leaders formulated a clear vision and successfully cascaded it throughout the entire organization. The client implemented fundamental changes to align the operations of their lines of business with the newly created vision and strategy. The changes included reforms in the HR performance management, banding and compensation systems as well as their entire talent management platform, including recruitment, training and retention. Together, these changes enabled work style reform (hatarakikata kaikaku) across the client’s employee population.