Episode 49: Leadership Perspectives from a CEO and Elite Athlete

3d Signals CEO and Israeli ultra-marathon national champion and record-holder Ariel Rosenfeld talk about his business and running experiences inform his approach to setting and chasing aspirational goals, dealing with adversity, shaping company culture, and reframing failures constructively for himself and his organization.

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Episode Highlights


Top three challenges for Ariel as a tech startup CEO


Using your professional life as a platform for self-expression


Coping with negative self-talk


What Ariel has learned about himself through ultra-marathon running


Staying motivated when faced with adversity


Differentiating between useful and wasteful failure


Using feelings of disappointment constructively

What “working with humans” means to Ariel

“…that's the part of being a CEO that I liked the most…At the end of the day, it's not about having a deal or pricing negotiation or even technology, it's about communication between people.”


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