Global Communication Essentials

Features of this course

Event Overview

Japanese companies are hiring an increasing number of non-Japanese workers, and with even more interaction with overseas offices and clients, communication in English has become a daily occurrence.

Remote work has also become more prevalent, and it’s become a common issue for people to think, "If I was face-to-face, I could get by with gestures and facial expressions, or with handouts and written notes, but now I am not sure if I have understood the other person's intentions or accurately conveyed my own thoughts.”


  • Acquire the skills and knowledge to objectively understand cultural differences and your own personal tendencies
  • Be able to promote your work and communicate more effectively in a way that bridges cultural difference and is clear and logical
  • Understand and practice assertiveness skills that can be applied to work-related situations, and learn to use assertive communication in a global environment


Day 1: Global Mindset
This session is designed to learn about cross-cultural communication by dividing it into five behavioral traits and how to communicate accordingly.

Pre-study: On-demand Modules: GlobeSmart
Participants will gain global awareness and cross-cultural competency through the GlobeSmart Profile, an assessment tool developed by Aperian Global, Inc., to be able to respond flexibly in cross-cultural situations.
  • Assessment tool (GlobeSmart) implementation and video pre-study
Session 1: Global mind
  • Introduction
  • Confirmation of understanding of pre-study assignments
  • Cross-cultural understanding (global mindset)
Session 2: Global Communication
  • Logical and persuasive communication
Day 2: Assertive Communication
“Assertiveness” is the communication skill of “listening to the other person's opinions while also asserting one's own opinions and ideas”. In today's remote environment, communication skills to effectively communicate and objectively grasp each other's ideas are more important than ever for work to proceed smoothly.

On-demand Modules: UMU
  • Training Outline
  • What is Assertiveness?
  • Three Styles and Their Impact
  • DESI Model
  • Active Listening
Session 1: Practicing Assertive Communication I
  • Introduction
  • Confirmation of understanding of prior assignments
  • Assertive Technique Basics
    Making a request using DESI
  • Assertive Techniques Application
    Saying No with DESI
Session 2: Practicing Assertive Communication II
  • Introduction
  • Active Listening
  • Practice 3: Expressing Opposing Opinions
  • Obstacles to Assertiveness
  • Summary: Dos & Don'ts

Who Should Attend

  • Those for whom English is a second language and who are experiencing challenges in communicating in their work
  • Those who feel that it is difficult to say what they want to say in internal and external communication in English, and want to convey their opinions and requests with a better cultural understanding that keeps the relationship
  • Those who want to know how to distinguish between opinion and fact in English, how to communicate in a way that is more convincing to the other person and how to make recommendations to the other person in a logical manner.

Outline of the event

Date & Time

Two-Day Program
- July 7 and 14, 2023
- December 1 and 8, 2023

9:30 - 15:30 each days
(Reception opens at 9:20)


This session will be held via Zoom.
*Access URL will be provided after your enrollment.


Jane Chen

People Focus Consulting
Senior Consultant

Born in Taiwan, Jane's experience includes studying abroad in the U.K. and the U.S.. She was worked for foreign investment banks, Japanese financial institutions, and HR consulting firms in Japan and overseas, including in Singapore, where she was in charge of diversity management.


English (This program is intended for those who feel challenged in communicating in English.)


JPY101,530 / tax included (JPY92,300 / tax excluded)  
*Workbook and Assessment is included


Maximum 16 people 
*Minimum enrollment is 4 people.


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