Resilient Agility – What it is and why you need it

Features of this course

Event Overview

Change is everywhere. And the amount and rate of change in business is increasing exponentially. Having employees who are comfortable with complexity and who possess the emotional resilience to adapt to change is increasingly important to the success of modern organizations.

In this free, 1-hour seminar (+Q&A), we will discuss the importance of ‘resilient agility’ and introduce Saville’s* Building Resilient Agility report in English, which allows organizations to identify and develop employees who can deal effectively with organizational and marketplace change.

We will also look at possible uses of the report, such as:
- for organizations facing change or transformation that want to build capacity to respond positively to change and see it through
- for team leaders to build their members’ confidence for dealing with change and transformation
- for HR departments wanting to build a clear individual development pathway, or to identify possible ‘change agents’ who are more likely to be effective during times of change and have the capacity to be agile when needed most.

We will also look at how this report can be tied into People Focus’ Change Leadership program and other PFC services.

Finally, we will reveal what happened when we used the report internally within PFC and what we learned.

BONUS: All attendees will have a chance to experience the report for their team at cost price, with a free, 60-minute feedback session for the team leader.

Please note this session is in English only.

*Saville Assessment, developers of the Wave suite of assessment tools


  • Understand what resilient agility is and why it is so vital in today’s business environment
  • Know what the Saville Building Resilient Agility assessment is, and how it can be used to assess the resilient agility of individuals within your team, department, company
  • See some of the different applications that the report can be used for, including as an option for PFC’s Change Leadership program


The seminar will run from 3pm to 4pm, followed by 30 mins for questions and to hear about the bonus offer. The session will finish by 4.30pm

Who Should Attend

  • Team or department leaders whose members are facing change or transformation, and who want to increase their members’ ability to be more effective during times of change and have the capacity to be agile when needed most.
  • HR professionals who want to know more about resilient agility and want to develop this unique form of agility that is robust and can be maintained over the long term, for example with new grads or as a workplace individual development initiative
  • Senior leadership who are approaching organizational change or transformation, and want to improve their chances of success, and to know where to focus their resources and corporate messaging
  • Please note currently the Building Resilient Agility report, although very simple and easy to read, is not available in Japanese language.

Outline of the event

Date & Time

Thursday 13 October 2022
3pm ~ 4.30pm (90 minutes)


Zoom (Webinar). Participants will receive a Zoom link once they enroll.


Justin Hollingworth

Senior Consultant

Justin Hollingworth is an organizational development consultant, corporate trainer, coach and facilitator, working with global teams, managers and leaders to develop leadership, improve communication and effectiveness, and build skills in client teams. His clients range across industries and he has worked at all levels from C-suite to new joiners.

He speaks Japanese and is a certified Saville Assessment Expert User, as well as in DiSC, MBTI, SDG 2030 game, and SLII.

Justin headed the project to bring the Saville assessments tools into Japan, and as a result is deeply knowledgeable about the background and various uses for the assessments and reports.







Registration Deadline

EOB, Weds 12 October


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