How to Grow 3 Mental Fitness Skills to Thrive in Challenging Times

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Event Overview

You want more than just career success. You want to thrive while doing it.

Because, what’s the point of getting ahead in your career if the price you’re paying for it is unnecessary stress, anxiety, unhappiness and fatigue?

When we achieve success and thrive while doing it, we are highly engaged in our work, use a clear sense purpose to lead ourselves positively through adversity and have high-quality relationships at work and beyond. What holds most of us back are the voices in our head that generate stress and negative emotions and affect how we handle work and life’s challenges, both big and small. These same voices sabotage our potential for both happiness and performance.

The good news is that we can grow our capacity to respond to life’s challenges positively and in the moment.

This free information session explains the science, tools and techniques that more than 500,000 people from 50 countries around the world have used to boost their performance and wellbeing. Among them are C-level leaders from companies including Yahoo!, Hewlett-Packard, Jamba Juice and employees at leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, P&G, and Nestle.

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  • Understand what mental fitness is and how you can benefit from it
  • Learn simple techniques for developing mastery over your own mind, which is the greatest determinant for achieving professional success and happiness
  • Discover how you can dramatically boost your performance and wellbeing in just 8 weeks


  • Define what mental fitness is
  • Understand the three core mental muscles for improving performance, wellbeing and relationships
  • Learn five basic steps for neutralizing the voices in our heads that hold us back from achieving more success and happiness
  • Experience a technique to increase you can use anytime, anywhere to help you accomplish your most meaningful tasks and goals
  • Q&A about boosting mental fitness

Who Should Attend

  • People who want to improve their work performance and resilience, reduce their stress and increase the quality of their workplace relationships.
  • People who want to help their team members be more engaged, collaborative and productive
  • Non-Japanese who are finding it difficult to maintain the same high level of performance and wellbeing they had before coming to Japan

Outline of the event

Date & Time

April 25, 2023
15:00 - 16:30


Zoom. Participants will receive a Zoom link once they enroll.


Michael Glazer

Senior Consultant

Michael Glazer is a certified leadership coach, organizational development consultant and corporate trainer whose client work spans 15 countries across four continents. He speaks English and Japanese and has worked with leaders at companies including Johnson & Johnson, Bayer and Mitsubishi. Michael has also guest lectured at Kyoto University and at the United States Air Force Academy. Before joining PFC, Michael served as a commercial and global functional head at leading firms including Morgan Stanley, public relations firm Burson-Marsteller (now BCW), and Dell.







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April 24, 2022


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